The building (Franz Kafka)
The building (Franz Kafka)
The building (Franz Kafka)
The building (Franz Kafka)
The building (Franz Kafka)
The building (Franz Kafka)

The building (Franz Kafka)

Schauspielhaus Graz

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** Available from us from June 1st, 2021 (pre-orders already possible) **

Look forward to the second VR performance of the Schauspielhaus Graz: The construction (of Franz Kafka).

Order the virtual theater experience in the comfort of your home and experience an unforgettable performance in virtual reality. We will send you the VR headset and everything you need for 2 days to your home (Germany & Austria). All you need is a comfortable place and, if necessary, your own headphones. More information on how the order works, they find out hereAll prices are excl. terminated Return shipping (from € 13.90 to Germany and € 28.90 to Austria).

Due to the 360 ° experience and the actions "behind you", we recommend that you ideally watch the play on a swivel chair.

About the piece:

Franz Kafka's story “Der Bau” (1923/24) focuses on a nameless protagonist who has created a complicated underground structure: a system of caves, passages and squares, the entrance of which is hidden under a layer of moss. He busily works on the improvement and fortification of his lonely and quiet home, collects supplies like treasures, delves into reflections and conversations with himself, which are repeatedly addressed to an absent counterpart whom he both misses and fears. Because the fear of an invisible enemy breaking into his shelter accompanies him at every turn and finally manifests itself in an inexplicable noise: a strange hissing, the source of which he cannot and cannot trace.

In addition to many possible interpretations, the building in Kafka's story of the same name can be read as a metaphor for a theater at a standstill, in which an actor undeterred pursues his activities, unseen and unheard of the world “out there”, and digs deeper and deeper into his own digs his own thoughts and imaginations.

Using the VR headset, the audience accompanies the protagonist on his underground forays and is taken to unknown and unusual places in the theater: a 360 ° view behind the scenes and deep inside the theater.

Language: German

Duration: 38 minutes



Protagonist: Florian Köhler

Director: Elena Bakirova

Image design / editing: Markus Zizenbacher 
Set design: Tanja Kramberger

Set tone / sound design / 3D audio mix: Elisabeth Frauscher

Dramaturgy: Elisabeth Tropper

Photo Copyright: Johanna Lamprecht