Oleanna - a power game
Oleanna - a power game
Oleanna - a power game
Oleanna - a power game

Oleanna - a power game

Staatstheater Augsburg

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Look forward to the latest VR performance of the State Theater Augsburg: Oleanna - a power game (Play by David Mamet).

Order the virtual theater experience in the comfort of your home and experience an unforgettable performance in virtual reality. We will simply send you the VR headset and everything you need for 2 days to your home. All you need is a comfortable place and your own headphones if necessary. You will find more information on how the order works hereAll prices are plus € 11.20 for shipping there and back.


About the piece:

John is a professor, Carol is a student. They meet in his office, in private. Carol wants to understand something, John doesn't understand anything. The balance of power is clear - on the one hand the made man, shortly before a professional and private advancement, on the other hand the hardworking woman who does not find her way around the language of science. He offers her help because he finds her "sympathetic".

At the next meeting, the tide turned: Carol reported John to the Appeals Committee about what she saw as sexist behavior. His promotion is at stake. The clarifying conversation he hopes for ends as a duel.

David Mamet's play from 1992 is still very topical. In times of #metoo and new debates about the sovereignty of interpretation, which have become even more acute due to the Internet and social networks, Mamet's game about power and truth is an explosive theatrical subject.

Axel Sichrovsky, who staged for the first time at the State Theater Augsburg, shows Mamet's play about the (powerless) power of words as an intimate chamber play.

Language: German

Duration: 80 minutes

Press reviews:

»In the best manner of epic theater, Andrej Kaminsky and Katja Sieder now step next to their characters, swap costumes, exaggerate the psychological game, break it again. Comment, charge, parody. The quality in David Mamet's play, that it can never be decided which position is true or right, transforms the performance into a pleasurable, ironic, then touching theatrical game. Bavaria 2

»A play and a production that literally conjure up discussions. Was there something? Who is right? Everything covered! Or: No, that's it! And then there is this level behind it, the game for power. Worth seeing, it is definitely clear. " Augsburg General

»Slipping out of this change of perspective, the piece moves to a meta-level. The two actors Andrej Kaminsky and Katja Sieder leave their roles, take a stance on their characters, change stereotypes, until finally John is on stage in a dress with lipstick, next to Carol with a beard, slapping his ass. " a3culture


John: Andrej Kaminsky
Carol: Katja Sieder

Production: Axel Sichrovsky
Stage and costume: Jan Steigert
Dramaturgy: Sabeth Braun

Technical realization: home game

Photo copyright: Jan-Pieter Fuhr
Video copyright: home game


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