Solo - Interaktiver Theater-Krimi

Solo - Interaktiver Theater-Krimi

Staatstheater Augsburg

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In the dystopian theater thriller "Solo" - the tenth VR production in the digital division founded in 2020 at the Augsburg State Theater - resident director David Ortmann exploits the full interactive potential of virtual reality technology for the first time. In the innovative mix of series and game, the viewers determine the progress of the story themselves!

Order the VR experience conveniently at home and look forward to an unforgettable event in virtual reality. We will send the VR headset and accessories directly to your home address (Germany & Austria) for two days. All you need is a comfortable place and your own headphones if you want. You can find out more information about how the order works hereAll prices are excl. a scheduled return shipment (from €13.90 to Germany and €28.90 to Austria).

Please note that children's VR experiences should only be viewed under the supervision of a legal guardian.

Due to the 360° experience and the action "behind you", we recommend that you ideally watch the play from a swivel chair.


About the piece:

In the not too distant future: The explosive mixture of scarcity of resources, overpopulation and all-encompassing digitization has inspired politicians to the innovative project of the "Federal Isolation Year", which Golden Mind Inc. has developed into a profitable business idea. Every year, part of the world's population withdraws from public life and spends twelve months in total isolation in virtual realities designed by Golden Mind. The temporary renunciation of the few makes consumption and growth possible for the many without destroying the earth. One day, an assassin appears in the high-rise office of the CEO. However, she is able to defend herself against the young man and thwart the attempt on her life. Before the perpetrator can be arrested, he jumps out of the window. What happened?! It is up to the audience to find out in the new VR production »Solo«.


Language: German

 Duration: Approx. 50 minutes



Staging: David Ortmann

Stage & Costumes: Amelie Seeger

Dramaturgy: Kathrin Mergel

Technical implementation: home game


Alina Decker, the commissioner: Karoline Stegemann

Junus, assassin: Roman Pertl

Raphael, his friend: Julius Kuhn

Annette Herzog, CEO and majority owner of Golden Mind Inc.: Elif Esmen

Darius Rehn, her assistant: Anatol Käbisch

Andreas Friedrich, security guard employee: Paul Langemann


Photo Copyright: David Ortmann


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