14 curtains (world premiere)
14 curtains (world premiere)
14 curtains (world premiere)
14 curtains (world premiere)

14 curtains (world premiere)

Staatstheater Augsburg

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Look forward to the latest VR performance by the State Theater Augsburg: 14 curtains (World premiere) by Einar Schleef.

Order the virtual theater experience in the comfort of your home and experience an unforgettable performance in virtual reality. We will send you the VR headset and everything you need for 2 days to your home (Germany & Austria). All you need is a comfortable place and, if necessary, your own headphones. You can find out more information about how the order works hereAll prices are excl. terminated Return shipping (from € 13.90 to Germany and € 28.90 to Austria).

Due to the 360 ° experience and the actions "behind you", we recommend that you ideally watch the play on a swivel chair.


About the piece:

Using VR glasses, the audience can immerse themselves in the memories of an actor who has become homeless in front of the impressive backdrop of the gutted Augsburg theater. In André Bücker's staging, text and reality enter into a special connection not only on the level of virtual reality. The completely empty building looks like a symbol for the time of the pandemic. “14 curtains” can be understood as both a homage and a swan song for the theater.

For the audience, the production offers a unique snapshot into the completely empty interior of the theater, which was undergoing general renovation, at the time of shooting. With this world premiere, Klaus Müller is also celebrating his 25th stage anniversary at the Augsburg Theater.

Klaus Müller plays Schleef plays Minetti. In the gutted Great House of the Augsburg State Theater, the short monologue »14 Curtains« becomes a kind of evocation of ghosts. In the black-and-white shot, the empty house speaks to the long-time protagonist, who is now lonely. He only finds his language when he reaches the heart of the house, the stage. He feels the aura of the former triumphs and experiences their transience anew. The memories of the homeless actor fill the virtual space and make the stage as a mythical place almost physically tangible.


Language: German

Duration: 32 minutes

Video: black and white

Press reviews:

»That fits perfectly - this short theatrical monologue now in this form. (...) The text of a memory, accusation, but also a declaration of love - to life for the theater «  Augsburg General (02/21)

As a new experience, the virtual reality theater is extremely appealing; once you start, you can quickly develop a desire and curiosity for more. (...) It is the immersive departure into a fascinating world that deceives the senses.« Southgerman newspaper (02/21)

»But the most innovative theater, at least in Bavaria, should just be the State Theater Augsburg. " Theater of time (02/21)



Acting: Klaus Müller

Staging: André Bücker
Music: Stefan Leibold
Dramaturgy: Sabeth Braun

Camera, sound & production: Home game with Klaus Müller

Photo copyright: Jan-Pieter Fuhr
Video copyright: home game


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