The employee - diary of a madman
The employee - diary of a madman
The employee - diary of a madman
The employee - diary of a madman

The employee - diary of a madman

Staatstheater Augsburg

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Look forward to the latest production by André Bücker and the Augsburg State Theater. 

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About the piece:

The master of literary satire, Nikolai Gogol, uses his monologue to ask who is actually crazy here: the estranged person or the estranged world?

Aksenti Iwanow Propristschin is a civil servant, a small cog in a big machine that is only good enough to sharpen a pencil and is constantly overlooked during promotions. He himself finds this outrageous, since he is in love with his boss's daughter. In order to arouse their interest, one would have to offer something more prestigious. How does he know about the preferences of the adored? A little bird chirped it ... or barked ... actually wrote it. Aksenti is the only one who knows that the lady's lap dog exchanges lively letters with his peers about the private life of women. The pet as a spy not only sounds a bit crazy, but it is too. With each torn calendar sheet, Aksenti withdraws from the reality of his small official existence until he is even convinced that he is the king of Spain.



Staging & Equipment: André Bücker
Music: Stefan Leibold
Animations: Christian Schlaeffer
Equipment Assistant: Celia Hofman
With Thomas Prazak




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