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One of our newest VR experiences for kids. An exciting story about a coral reef and its diverse inhabitants. A colorful and fascinating fulldome adventure dedicated to protecting the oceans. The VR experience is available in German and English.

Order the VR experience in the comfort of your home and experience an unforgettable event in virtual reality. We will simply send you the VR headset and everything you need for 2 days to your home (Germany,Spain & Austria). All you need is a comfortable place and, if necessary, your own headphones. You can find out more information about how the order works here.All prices are excl. Scheduled return shipping (from € 13.90 to Germany, Spain and € 28.90 to Austria).

We point out that the VR experiences of children should only be viewed under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

About the VR experience:

The vastness of the oceans of our planet holds unimaginable secrets. One of its most valuable is KALUOKA`HINA - The Enchanted Reef, whose magic protects it from being discovered by humans.

Kaluoka'hina's colorful residents have always lived in peace ... until the volcano erupted and the spell was broken. Now it's up to the young sawfish JAKE and his paranoid buddy SHORTYto restore the magic of Kaluoka'hina. Your only clue: the old legend that tells of touching the moon. But how is a fish supposed to touch the moon? This is just one of the fascinating puzzles Jake and Shorty have to solve on their most exciting adventure ever: that

Search for your beloved reef. "Kaluoka'hina - The Enchanted Reef" combines a fascinating plot about an endangered reef with lovable and bizarre characters as well as an environmental cause and is an educational adventure full of humor, nature conservation and educational flair: a pleasure for the whole family.

Duration: 32 minutes

Language: Available in German and English




Most Popular Film, 5th CST Popular Science Film Panorama (2015)

Selection of the 10th Edition, Cartoons of the Bay (2006)

Best Professional / Animation Film, Animago Award (2005)

Nominated for the Domefest Award, DomeFest (2005)



Director, Producer & Writer: Peter Popp

Technical realization: Softmachine Immersive Productions GmbH, ARRI Media GmbH, F. Geise, G. Fischer, Alexandra Kapusta & Peter Popp GbR

Photo & Video Copyright: Softmachine Immersive Productions GmbH