Space package (3x VR experiences)
Space package (3x VR experiences)
Space package (3x VR experiences)
Space package (3x VR experiences)
Space package (3x VR experiences)
Space package (3x VR experiences)
Space package (3x VR experiences)
Space package (3x VR experiences)
Space package (3x VR experiences)
Space package (3x VR experiences)
Space package (3x VR experiences)

Space package (3x VR experiences)

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Do you fancy an adventure in space? With the three VR experiences Secrets of Gravity, Mission Astronaut and Giants of Galaxy, we are following in Albert Einstein's footsteps Astronaut training up close and get to know our planetary system better. An unforgettable space experience - consisting of three different films! The VR experiences are available in German & English (possibly with German subtitles).

Order the VR experience in the comfort of your home and look forward to an unforgettable event in virtual reality. We will send the VR headset and accessories directly to your home address (Germany, Austria & Spain) for two days. All you need is a comfortable place and, if necessary, your own headphones. You can find out more information about how the order works hereAll prices are excl. a scheduled return shipping (from € 13.90 to Germany, Spain and € 28.90 to Austria).

We point out that the VR experiences of children should only be viewed under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

Due to the 360 ° experience and the actions "behind you", we recommend that you ideally watch the play on a swivel chair.

About the VR experience: en

Secrets of Gravity:  Twelve year old Luke is much more interested in the universe and its secrets than in boring spells. He is fascinated by the stars, the universe and the laws of nature. One night he sneaks into the Albert Einstein Museum, where he meets ALBYX3, a small, clever, but rather bizarre robot who knows everything about Albert Einstein and his theories. ALBY takes Luke on a magical journey of discovery through space and time, on which they not only uncover the secrets of gravity, but also learn a lot about friendship and imagination - because both Luke and ALBY have their own secrets.

Mission astronaut: Alexander Gerst is the man in space and gives an exciting glimpse behind the scenes of an astronaut in this new 360-degree film adventure. In the short film Alexander with his colleagues Matthias Maurer and Thomas Pesquet in several interesting chapters, which demanding training is necessary to prepare for the enormous G-forces at takeoff and the weightlessness in space. Impressive perspectives give you an exciting impression of the preparations for take-off, what it feels like to take off, fly and dock in the space shuttle, and what peculiarities living and working on the International Space Station entail.

Giants of our Galaxy: How big is our planet earth compared to other planets and stars? We know that some planets are very large, but it is the stars that can be really gigantic. In this animation we demonstrate the huge and different scales of celestial bodies up to the largest known star. They are all at home in our own Milky Way, some of them are among the most distinctive lights in our night sky.

Duration: approx. 23 minutes

Languages: German, Spanish and English (with subtitles if necessary)


Press reviews:

"I was already enthusiastic about the first ten minutes of the film and I expect that millions of Thanks to "LIMBRADUR", viewers will really understand Einstein's theory of relativity for the first time. ", Micky Remann, Prof. for immersive media Bauhaus University Weimar

"Compliments on Gravity, a wonderful film, all the children are enthusiastic about the show." David Gruber, Alto Adige Planetarium, Italy

"This is really an amazing show, one of my favorites!" Ewa Radlo, Copernikus Science Center


White Elephant - Children Media Price, Munich International Film Festival (2017)

Nominee, Golden Sparrow (2017)

Best Feature Film - Audience Choice Award, Fulldome Festival (2017)

Best full dome film, Inner Mongolia Science Expo (2017)

People's Choice Award, Russian Fulldome Festival (2017)


Director, Producer & Writer: Peter Popp

Technical realization: Softmachine Immersive Productions GmbH, ARRI Media GmbH, F. Geise, G. Fischer, Alexandra Kapusta & Peter Popp GbR

Photo & Video Copyright: Softmachine Immersive Productions GmbH.