Complete package (10 experiences, 23 rental days)
Complete package (10 experiences, 23 rental days)
Complete package (10 experiences, 23 rental days)
Complete package (10 experiences, 23 rental days)
Complete package (10 experiences, 23 rental days)
Complete package (10 experiences, 23 rental days)
Complete package (10 experiences, 23 rental days)
Complete package (10 experiences, 23 rental days)
Complete package (10 experiences, 23 rental days)
Complete package (10 experiences, 23 rental days)
Complete package (10 experiences, 23 rental days)

Complete package (10 experiences, 23 rental days)

Staatstheater Augsburg

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Look forward to the VR complete package of the Augsburg State Theater including the following 10 experiences:

  • 14 curtains (world premiere)
  • Pictures at an Exhibition (3D Audio)
  • Boléro (with bonus material)
  • The Employee - Diary of a Madman
  • Event
  • Judas
  • Kinesphere
  • Oleanna - ein Machtspiel 
  • shifting_perspective
  • Solo - Interactive Theater Crime

All 10 VR experiences are loaded on a VR headset.

Order the VR experiences conveniently at home and look forward to an unforgettable event in virtual reality. We send the VR headset together with accessories for 4 weekends / 23 rental days directly to your home address (Germany & Austria). All you need is a comfortable place and your own headphones if you want. You can find out more information about how the order works hereAll prices are excl. a scheduled return shipment (from €13.90 to Germany and €28.90 to Austria).

Please note that children's VR experiences should only be viewed under the supervision of a legal guardian.

Due to the 360° experience and the action "behind you", we recommend that you ideally watch the play from a swivel chair.

About 14 Curtains (world premiere):

Using VR glasses, the audience can immerse themselves in the memories of an actor who has become homeless in front of the impressive backdrop of the gutted Augsburg theater. In André Bücker's production, text and reality form a special connection, and not just on the level of virtual reality. The completely empty building seems like a symbol for the time of the pandemic. »14 Curtains« can be understood both as a homage and as a farewell to the theatre.

For the audience, the production offers a unique snapshot of the completely empty interior of the theater, which is currently undergoing general renovation, at the time of shooting. With this world premiere, Klaus Müller also celebrates his 25th stage anniversary at the Augsburg Theater.

Klaus Müller plays Schleef plays Minetti. In the gutted Great House of the Augsburg State Theater, the brief monologue »14 curtains« becomes a kind of necromancy. In the black-and-white recording, the empty house speaks to the longtime protagonist, who is now doing his lonely walks. He only finds his voice when he reaches the heart of the house, the stage. He traces the aura of the former triumphs and experiences their transience anew. The memories of the actor who has become homeless fill the virtual space and make the stage, as a mythical place, almost physically tangible.

Language: German

Duration: 32 minutes

Video: black and white

About The Associate – Diary of a Madman:

Aksenti Ivanov Proprischin is a civil servant, a tiny cog in the great machine, good enough only for sharpening a pencil and consistently overlooked when it comes to promotions. He himself finds this outrageous, as he is in love with his boss's daughter. To pique their interest, you would have to have something more prestigious to offer. How does he know about the preferences of the beloved? A little bird twittered it to him ... or barked ... actually wrote it. Aksenti is the only one who knows that the lady's lap dog exchanges letters with fellow dogs about the private life of mistresses. The pet as a snitch not only sounds a bit insane, it is. With every page of the calendar torn off, Aksenti withdraws further and further from the reality of his little civil servant existence, until he is finally convinced that he is the king of Spain.

Written 185 years ago, Nikolai Gogol's story is more relevant today than ever with the main character longing for human contact, who loses his sense of reality in her isolation. 

Language: German

Duration: 70 minutes

About Event:

A man stands in a dark room lit by a single light source. An actor. He talks about himself and about this event that we call "theater" and that is subject to so many rules and rituals. He talks about it like a researcher from another time, dissecting the performance as it is being created. For what is this "theater" actually, and what is it for? Why are the actors pretending to be someone else, why do we as an audience (in Clancy: »the strangers«) watch it all in reverent silence, and who is actually pulling the strings?

With »Event«, the American playwright and director John Clancy has created a comical and at the same time deeply irritating monologue about the mechanisms of theatre. A clever play about appearances and truth, about what theater can tell about life; and a text that is able to dupe us audiences - who believe we know the ways and means of theater - again and again. Resident director David Ortmann expands Clancy's multi-layered monologue in its VR production with additional (digital) levels and a 360-degree view that simultaneously exposes and conceals. After all, how do theater mechanisms work in digital space? And who actually sees and listens? At the interface between theater and film aesthetics, we discover new possibilities of expression.

Duration: approx. 50 minutes

Languages: German and English

About Judas:

He has a name that everyone knows and that he never pronounces himself. For two thousand years, his fate has been inseparable from that of Jesus Christ, whom they called Messiah and yet nailed it to a cross. But now he speaks - not as an apology, not as a justification. But to talk himself into the betrayal of his best friend, master, savior. Judas can be charming, self-reflective, but he is also angry and desperate. He is a human being like us and should also be a principle, a living dualism – without light there is no shadow, without Judas there is no Jesus. A kiss burned into your own retina that changed the course of the world.

»Judas« premiered in Germany in 2007 and in 2012, and since then the play, written by the successful Dutch author Lot Vekemans, has been running in numerous cities.

After the Augsburg »Judas« celebrated its premiere on the west choir stage in the open air on the occasion of the 1000th anniversary celebrations of the Moritzkirche in summer 2019 and then experienced further performances in the hall of the Moritzkirche, the Augsburg State Theater is now showing Lot Vekemans' successful play in various church rooms.

Duration: approx. 80 minutes

Language: German

About Oleanna - a power play: 

John is a professor, Carol is a student. They meet in his office, privately. Carol wants to understand something, John doesn't understand anything. The balance of power is clear – on the one hand the made man, on the verge of professional and private advancement, on the other hand the hard-working woman who cannot find her way around the scientific language. He offers her help because he finds her "sympathetic."

At the next meeting, the tide turned: Carol reported John to the appeals committee because of what she saw as sexist behavior. His promotion is at stake. The clarifying conversation that he hopes for ends in a duel.

David Mamet's play from 1992 is still highly topical. In times of #metoo and new debates about the sovereignty of interpretation, which have been exacerbated by the internet and social networks, Mamet's game about power and truth is explosive theatrical material.

Axel Sichrovsky, who staged the Staatstheater Augsburg for the first time, is showing Mamet's play about the (powerlessness) of words as an intimate chamber play.

Language: German

Duration: 80 minutes

About Solo - Interactive Theater Crime:

In the not too distant future: The explosive mixture of scarcity of resources, overpopulation and all-encompassing digitization has inspired politicians to the innovative project of the "Federal Isolation Year", which Golden Mind Inc. has developed into a profitable business idea. Every year, part of the world's population withdraws from public life and spends twelve months in total isolation in virtual realities designed by Golden Mind. The temporary renunciation of the few makes consumption and growth possible for the many without destroying the earth. One day, an assassin appears in the high-rise office of the CEO. However, she is able to defend herself against the young man and thwart the attempt on her life. Before the perpetrator can be arrested, he jumps out of the window. What happened?! It is up to the audience to find out in the new VR production »Solo«. 

Language: German

Duration: approx. 50 minutes