SUCO (Joyful Meditation)
SUCO (Joyful Meditation)
SUCO (Joyful Meditation)
SUCO (Joyful Meditation)
SUCO (Joyful Meditation)
SUCO (Joyful Meditation)
SUCO (Joyful Meditation)
SUCO (Joyful Meditation)

SUCO (Joyful Meditation)


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"SUCO" - experience the unique combination of breathing technique, dance meditation and electronic music that has already inspired thousands of people worldwide!

If you have never heard of "SUCO Sessions", then no one can explain it better than the founder of "SUCO Sessions" himself, Jamie Beron:

"SUCO is the perfect mix of music, movement and controlled breathing to achieve a state of well-being and inner liberation. SUCO means deeply felt joy, the feeling of gratitude for the here and now and life itself."

Order the VR experience in the comfort of your home and look forward to an unforgettable event in virtual reality. We will send the VR headset and accessories directly to your home address (Germany, Austria & Spain) for two days. All you need is a comfortable place and, if necessary, your own headphones. You can find out more information about how the order works hereAll prices are excl. a scheduled return shipping (from € 13.90 to Germany, Spain and € 28.90 to Austria).

We point out that the VR experiences of children should only be viewed under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

Due to the 360 ° experience and the actions "behind you", we recommend that you ideally watch the play on a swivel chair.


About the VR experience:

SUCO is a unique awareness training. The sessions are designed so that you can connect with your inner being, feel freedom, have fun and let go of everyday stress. Exercise your heart, body and soul. The session combines electronic music with movement and breathing techniques.
Through the guided meditation by SUCO you will learn to recognize your true potential and to gain a new perspective on your life.

"SUCO Sessions" have been shown to help regulate the natural hormonal balance: dopamines, endorphins and oxytocins are expelled while your cortisol level is reduced.

On our Firstrow platform you can enjoy SUCO in 4K and the best sound quality. Start the day with joy and a relaxed feeling! 

"SUCO Sessions" are generally suitable for every age group.


Feedback from SUCO participants:

"More than 6500 people joined and SUCO managed to make them live an experience they won't forget."  (Ophélie Guitard, Brand Marketing Manager at Desigual)

“The session was incredible! The EMEA performance marketing team loved it. It helped us to bond and be better team players. Every day should start like this! " (Maria Borras Gonzalez, Marketing specialist at Nike HQ)


Duration: 44 minutes

Language: English

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