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We bring the theater to your home! Order a virtual reality (VR) headset with various VR performances from us and enjoy your very private evening in a virtual world:

-  Unique experience in VR 

 No own VR headset needed

 Comfortable from home 

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Our offer

We offer you an all-round carefree package to immerse yourself in a fascinating world of virtual reality. Experience the theater and other providers in a completely new way: Our offer includes: 

1. A VR headset (free)

2. One VR experience (from € 17.90 per performance / film)

3. Terminated Return shipping (€ 13.90 within Germany)

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What you need

All you need is a comfortable place * and, if necessary, your headphones. After ordering we will send you the complete package by post for your Rental period of 2 days to.

- Our package includes the VR headset and information material for operation.

- You don't need wifi or any other connection.

- At the end of the rental period, simply send the VR headset back to us. 


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Krasnoyarsk: A journey through the end of time in 360 °

Krasnoyarsk: A journey through the end of time in 360 °

Schauspielhaus Graz

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The play "Krasnoyarsk: A journey through the end of time in 360 °“(by Johan Harstad), which will be shown in the German-language premiere, transports us to a time after our time: After a catastrophe has destroyed almost the entire surface of the earth, an anthropologist wanders lonely through the Siberian wasteland looking for signs of life.

But one day he comes across a young woman in the wilderness who is traveling with an object of inestimable importance: a suitcase full of handwritten reports, supposedly the last testimony to lost humanity. From then on, events roll over.

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