In detail: This is how our VR service works

We would be happy to explain how our service works:


1. Order and payment process 

You will find numerous virtual reality (VR) experiences in our online shop. Select the VR experience you want and add it to your shopping cart. If you want to get multiple VR headsets with the same VR experience, you can simply increase the number of VR experiences. 

In the booking process, first check your desired delivery location using the zip code. Please note that we are currently not delivering any bookings in the Augsburg area. This does not apply to group packages (please contact

Then enter the desired delivery date and your personal data below, and then first decide on the type of delivery (delivery or personal pick-up on site) and then on a payment method. We offer all common payment options (bank transfer, credit card, etc.). Please note that we require a deposit of Block € 100.00, which will be redeemed after the complete return of the VR headset.

Please note: For technical reasons, a date (of your choice) must be specified in the calendar even if you choose to pick up your order in person!

In the case of delivery:

Bookings for a specific week must be received by us by Monday (3:00 p.m.) of the same week. The VR headsets will then be sent on Wednesday. Unfortunately, we can no longer guarantee timely delivery for later bookings.

After receipt of the booking you will receive an order confirmation from us. When delivering via DHL delivery, you will also receive a shipment tracking by email from us. 

In the case of personal collection on site:

In addition to the delivery option, you also have the option of picking up your order personally from us and returning it after the agreed period of use. In this case, there are of course no shipping costs. Collection is possible Monday to Friday (except on public holidays) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Edelsbergstraße 8, 80686 Munich. 

2. Delivery of the VR headset

In the booking process you can choose the desired delivery date. Please note that the delivery date may be delayed by 1-2 working days - depending on your place of residence. As a rule, you will receive the package with the VR headset 1-2 working days after dispatch on Wednesday. Please use the shipment tracking so that you are at home on the agreed delivery date. The rental period of 2 days only begins after receipt of the goods (or after collection from the provider). If the delivery is delayed due to DHL, your rental period will of course be extended (e.g. you can send the VR headset back on Monday if it arrives on Friday / Saturday). The return of the VR headset must be made by Monday (10:00) of the next week at the latest - otherwise we cannot provide the VR headset to customers with later bookings on time.

In the case of personal collection on site:

If you have decided to personally pick up your order, the same deadlines apply to you regarding the period of use and return of the headset as for delivery. 


    3. Components of the delivery

    In addition to the VR headset, the delivery includes a charging cable, a cleaning cloth and an explanation of how to use the VR headset. Please keep all materials (including the packaging) carefully, as they will be required for the return delivery.


    4. Use of the VR headset

    All you need to start the VR experience is a comfortable place and your personal headphones that you can connect to the VR headset. Due to the 360 ° VR experience and the actions "in your back", we recommend that you watch the VR experience on a swivel chair. The enclosed explanation of the VR headset describes all the essential functions of the VR headset. As soon as you press the power button, the VR experience starts with a short tutorial, which once again explains how to use the VR headset.

    You are also welcome to use the enclosed face mask to use the VR headset. Of course, all of our VR headsets are disinfected. 

    If you wear glasses, please leave your glasses on when using the VR headset. 

    We point out that children should only watch the VR experience under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian. at Its use is not recommended for children under the age of 13 and should only be used under supervision. 

    You can watch the VR experience as often as you want. If the lenses of the VR headset are no longer clean, simply use the enclosed microfiber cloth.

    Please also note that the VR headset must not be exposed to direct sunlight, as this can damage the lenses.



    5. Charging the VR headset

    The battery of the VR headset is sufficient for about 5 hours of use. If the battery is empty, you can recharge the VR headset with the included charging cable. Please make sure that the VR headset should not be used while charging.



    6. Return of the VR headset

    After the rental period has expired, please send or bring the VR headset back to us (Inflight VR Software GmbH | Edelsbergstrasse 8 | 80686 Munich).

    The return must be made as described above by Monday (10:00 a.m.) of the next week at the latest.

    In the event of a return, simply use our enclosed DHL sticker. To do this, please carefully repack all the materials in the packaging and stick the sticker on the outside of the box. Then hand in the package at your nearest DHL station.

    After full receipt of the goods, we will delete the deposit of € 100. Please note that there is a fee of € 10 per day for a (personally caused) delayed return of the goods (as we can no longer deliver the VR headset to other customers on time).


    7. Other questions & contact

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our FAQs (frequently asked questions) or send an email to info@ send.